The NERVA® robots can be used for different applications like; reconnaissance missions, EOD platform, CBRNe detection platform, smoke generator, transportation platform, etc. The main advantages of this system are the ability to use different payloads easily, the open architecture in order to use the software on any device and being able to add any third party equipment and finally the ability to amend the product based on customer requirements. Thus, beyond their extreme robustness (throwable, fully waterproof), NERVA® robots can be easily controlled from any standard PC, tablet or smartphone; it proposes semi-autonomous capabilities to reduce operator’s workload, such as way-point navigation or automatic back homing when mission is completed.

The NERVA® LG is a multi-purpose robot which can be used for different applications like; reconnaissance missions, as an EOD platform, CBRNe detection 

platform, smoke generator, gunshot detection, transportation platform, etc.


THE NERVA® S is a 2-wheeled compact, waterproof and rugged robot for close target reconnaissance, equipped with one High-Definition camera, one infrared thermal camera and one audio microphone.


The NERVA® XX is definitively the most advanced multi-purpose robot on the market : amazing mobility, noiseless, unlimited payloads expansion, high speed, etc. AVAILABLE SOON!