What are the main differences with comparable products available on the market ? Huge experience, strong references/customers, combat proven technology : Speed up to 15km/h, Longe range radio (1 km), Open man-machine interface, Waterproof (IP67), 360 degrees on board vision, Shock resistant, Operation time (2 hrs), Quick replacement concept – batteries, wheels and payloads, Affordable price, System Level, Semi-autonomous capabilities, Extremely short training time, etc.

The NERVA® robots can be used for different applications like; reconnaissance missions, EOD platform, CBRNe detection platform, smoke generator, transportation platform, etc. The main advantages of this system are the ability to use different payloads easily. 

The NERVA® controllers can be used to operate all NERVA® robots and payloads expansion (thermal infrared camera, gunshot detection, disruptor, chemical detection, etc.).

More than 20 payloads are currently available for NERVA® robots. According to customers requirements, new accessories and modules are unveiled frequently. We adapt for free your disruptors, HazMat detectors and other sensors on NERVA® robots.